QZ-DX1000 Copper wire recycling line

1. purpose:

DX1000 equipment is to process communication wire into copper particles and plastic particles.

2. Introduction of process:

The equipment is a production line specializing in disposing of waste wires and cables. New structure, unique, large production, less power consumption. High sorting rate, one feeding, multi-machine cooperation. The whole line is controlled by PLC and is in the leading position in China. Successful development of this machine not only solves the problems in incineration method of copper extraction, but also improves the quality of copper recovery, recycles plastics and solves environmental pollution. It uses a pair of roller crushing and a shearing crushing, and then air separation equipment to select copper particles and plastic particles.

4. Equipment characteristics:

1. The whole process of PLC program control, equipment uniform feeding, automatic alarm device, to the greatest extent to ensure the stability of the equipment.
2. Compact structure, beautiful appearance, reasonable layout, safety and reliability.
3. Platform combination of crusher, sorting equipment and integrated equipment makes the equipment easy to move and transport, and increases the flexibility of equipment.
4. The alternating cutter shaft is used in the mill rotor, which makes the mill more efficient, less noisy and more stable in operation.
5. The separation efficiency of air separator is over 97%.
6. Recycling system makes semi-finished products comminuted twice and improves separation efficiency.
7. Pulse bag dust removal equipment can effectively restrain dust spillover, and the dust removal efficiency reaches 99%.
8. The air filtration system can effectively avoid the dust produced when the second crusher is crushed.
9. Hydraulic system can easily open the two-broken fuselage to facilitate the daily maintenance of employees.


 Model Feed size range Capacity(KG/H) Power(KW) Dimension L/W/H(MM)
QZ-DX1000 Φ≤60mm 1000-1200 148 12000×4570×3190

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