QZ-SRQ2000 Scrap radiator recycling production line

1)Product introduction

Put the material (waste radiator, water tank) to the first crusher for the pre-crush and the crushed material conveying by the conveyor to the second grinder. Then to suck out the magnetic material (iron) which on the conveyor via the single roller type magnetic separator for the pre-separation. The material after pre-separation will into the air flow separator for the second separation and separate the copper and aluminum. The whole production line is controlled by negative pressure and equipped with the pulse dust catcher to solve the dust problem.

2)Craft diagram

3)Equipment characteristics:

1.Controlled by PLC and makes it easier to control the whole line.
2.Suitable structure and layout, easy to install.
3.e first crusher designed by double roller and have the advantage of low noise, big crusher chamber and etc.
4.e cutter of first crusher use the special tool steel and the crushing range is wide. Both have splitting, tearing, squeezing and any other features.
5.gnetic separator using the ferromagnetic roller separator and the separator rate can reach up to 95%.
6.pulse dust collector can prevent the leak of dust and the dust-cleaning rate can reach 99%, have no secondary pollution.
7.parated by the air flow separator and the separation rate can reach 97%.
8.e second crusher adopts heavy hammer mill, internal cutting bar, blades, disc chuck and other wearing parts are made of reinforced to extend the life of wearing parts, increasing the processing speed of the second crusher.


Dimension(MM) Output(kg/H) Separation Rate Dust-cleaning Rate Power(KW)
23200×6520×5130 1500-2000 >97% >99% 145

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